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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is Your Child M.I.A.?

Posted by Debra Gray-Elliott at 12:11 PM 4 comments

Christian parent's aren't perfect!

We try to teach our children good moral character and right from wrong, but sometimes we get caught up
and forget to teach them action speaks louder than words.

So also faith, if it does not have works (deeds and actions of obedience to back it up), by itself is destitute of power (inoperative, dead) James 2:17 AMP

Christian children aren't perfect!

Today's children tend to take everything for granted. They talk a good talk, but don't walk a good walk.

They are missing their get up and go action.

They are missing their let me lend you a hand action.

They are missing their what can I do to help action.

Christian parent's have raised a generation of lazy children who are missing in action!

I know I'm stepping on toes with these words, but I've looked around at Christian kids and I don't see their
actions in action. I hear a lot of talk instead.

Parent's, you have to take action! You are obligated to raise a child of action, not just words.

Instead of raising a  missing in action child you can raise a moving in action child with three simple steps:

Move: don't be a sitter, be a go getter.
In: instead of immobile, insist on empowerment.
Action: get out, get going, get smart. 

Don't raise an M.I.A. (missing in action) child!

Raise an M.I.A.(moving in action) child!

For further reading I recommend  Parenting from the Heights by Anne Wiggins and Linda Williams

 What are you waiting for? Get going!

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