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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Too Many Toys! What's A Mom To Do?

Posted by Debra Gray-Elliott at 8:39 AM 2 comments

Let's face it.... my grandson is spoiled. He has way too many toys and not enough room space. Toys are scattered from one end of the house to the other. From top to bottom toys have exploded.

During Hurricane Nick season I have come up with a plan to de-clutter. I call it the out of sight out of mind plan. It actually works!

Nick loves cars, but he has way too many, so I came up with a great way to store his vast collection. I took a heavy duty cardboard box and let him decorate it with anything to do with cars. Once he finished, we turned a plain cardboard box into a garage. So now instead of stepping on cars and breaking them, he can store them in his garage. He likes it. I like it...no more broken cars or toes...

Nick also has a collection of toy men. He loves Rescue Hero's and won't let them out of his sight. This is a major problem. Toy men have taken over the house. There are everywhere, like hidden special forces. I racked my brain on how we could store his special collection, but nothing came to mind until my neighbor threw out old plastic milk crates. Voila! Nick and I gathered about five crates and spray painted them army green. We built a fortress for his “men”. Now they had their own special place and I was happy. No more assorted arms and legs everywhere!

Now Nick's collection of toys doesn't end with cars and toy men...Nope! Nick collects trinkets. He loves little Happy Meal toys. He has so many he could open up a toy store. His collection was starting to get on my nerves I was ready to donate all his toys. This job was a tough one, where to keep these toys? The solution wasn't easy to solve, but Nick came up with a great game plan. He suggested all his little toys should be stored in fishing tackle boxes. Brilliant! What a great idea!

Now, no more toys lie willy-nilly everywhere. They have their own special place. I can actually walk through my house without stepping on a car, a toy man or a trinket.
It's amazing just how easy and simple it was to find a solution to Hurricane Nick's toy storm.
We did it together and everyone is happy. He now has a garage for his cars, a fortress for his “men” and his trinkets now stay in tackle boxes.

Nick also loves the new gadget Hot Wheels has come out with. Check out the new Hot Wheels Wall Track  It hangs on the wall for hours of fantastic, floorless fun!

He also knows, if his toys don't stay put,what's a mom to do?

Use these ten tips...
1. Heavy duty cardboard boxes.
2. Plastic milk crates.
3. Fishing tackle boxes.
and the other 7 are mine..
4. Laundry baskets make great places to store toys.
5. Wooden or metal shelves
6. Lots of netting
7. Foot lockers
8. Under the bed
9. Plastic baggies for smaller toys
10.  Plastic trash can

My motto is.."When in doubt, throw it out, if nothing else works."

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