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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Safe, Sound and Sane on the Road: Five Tips for the Perfect Drive

Posted by Debra Ann Elliott at 5:12 PM
Social Moms and Esurance have teamed up and asked mommy bloggers for mom safety tips on staying safe on the road.

When you're a soccer mom to a seven year old safety is your number one concern in a vehicle. In order to stay safe, sound and sane I've come up with five great tips to help keep you and your family safe on the road.

Number five: Young children can be a distraction to busy moms when you've got to rush here and there. One tip  I've learned over the years in order to keep the distractions to a minimum is what I like to call my "distraction reaction"  Distraction reaction is a normal reaction to distraction, but it's not a safe measure when you have little ones in the car. In order to prevent "distraction reaction" be prepared. You know it's going to happen before you even buckle them up. The screaming, the whining, and the non-stop talking will distract even the safest driver.  How can you stop the distractions before you start the engine? Reverse distraction! Plan ahead with a few distractions of your own. Coloring books, crayons, puzzle books and even reading books are great distractions for a child. Try it! It really works and you and your precious cargo will stay safe and sound and you will remain sane.

Number four: Children test their boundaries and rules when they get into a vehicle. How do you get passed this problem? Simple. If your children have a tendency to misbehave give them a car timeout. I remember when I was growing up if we misbehaved in the car my dad would pull the vehicle over and wouldn't move until I stopped acting up. Kids want rules and boundaries and you have to be willing to use the car timeout as a way to get them to understand the rules of the road. It will keep them and you out of harms way.

Number three: Inspection, inspection, inspection... I can't stress this tip enough. Always get your vehicle inspected my the proper people. Whether it's a proper car seat installation, tire pressure even these preventive measures will keep your family safe on the road.

Number two: Be prepared for emergencies! You never know what will happen. I always make sure I have a first-aid kit, a battery charger, extra water, blankets and a heavy duty flashlight. When you are prepared for any road emergency, you are keeping you and your family safe and sound.

Number one: My number one tip is a variation of the Golden Rule. I call it the Golden Rule of the Roadway.
When you are on the road, not only do you have to be careful but you have to watch out for the other drivers. Accidents happen and nobody wants to be involved in one. Be cautious, be careful and watch out for your driving neighbor.

With these tips you will be able to keep your family safe and sound. You will also keep yourself sane on the highway!

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We practice "reverse distraction" whenever we take a long trip. The kids love having their own activities to do!!

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