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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tantrums,Tactics and Tips from the Queen of the Throne:The Clorox Lounge Sweepstakes and More...

Posted by Debra Gray-Elliott at 3:48 PM

In my house my husband is the king of the castle, but I'm queen of the throne which isn't an easy task with a little prince running around. My little prince makes tackling the Big T a big job. The trouble with the "little prince" is tantrums in the potty.  He is notorious for throwing tantrums on a whim, especially at bathtime. How does a queen solve the problem of a tantrum throwing prince? Easy, with a few tactics and tricks for tackling the Big T bathroom time can become laughroom time.

Tantrums are part of the Big T in my castle, so I had to develop queenly tactics and un-queen like tricks for my little prince.

Tactic #1: Make bathtime fun! My little prince hates to take a bath. This is where one of my un-queen tricks comes into the scenario. I turn the Big T into the castle mote, complete with dragons(no dragons were hurt in this production) and danger. What little prince doesn't like dragons and danger?  Prince Cameron's mission is to rescue the damsel in distress( that would be me) from the evil clutches of the Toilet King. He loves to play this game and bathtime is more relaxed and tantrums flow down the drain with the bath water.

Tactic #2: The Battle of the Toilet Seat! If you have a little prince then you know what I'm talking about. Life at the Big T can be a battle of wills at any given time. Prince Cameron's favorite battle is the toilet seat. Up, down, up, down it's a never ending battle at Castle Big T. Henceforth another un-queen like trick comes into play. How could I ever win this battle with my little prince?  I was prepared to do battle.I armored myself with heavy duty cleaning supplies and made my way to the battlefield. My little prince was waiting, toilet seat up. I pulled out my sword(toilet brush) and readied for the Battle of the Toilet Seat. Let's just say Prince Cameron lost the battle and I won the war. No more battles of the toilet seat at Castle Big T.

Tactics and tricks don't always work on my little prince, but making life fun at Castle Big T is my number one priority for Prince Cameron. He now takes a bath without tantrums and the toilet seat is always where it should be(this Queen Mum doesn't want to get her backside wet).

So whether you have a little prince or princess and want to quell tantrums, just create a little fun in the Big T and be sure to stop by The Clorox Lounge for a few laughs...

And now it's time for me to escape my queenly duties(no pun intended) for the day with help from The Clorox Lounge.

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About Last Comic Sitting Competition & Sweepstakes:

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Anonymous said...

No princes in our house....I can't imagine! Almost got princess number 3 trained though...whoo hooo!!

Cecelia Dowdy on March 1, 2012 at 9:30 PM said...

My son is six, so, it's been awhile since we've tackled the potty-training episodes. I recall he was three before he was totally potty trained! He doesn't really fuss about taking a bath or shower. He seems to enjoy it, even when he was little! I think he just likes playing with all those plastic cars, boats, etc. in the water! I hope you have a wonderfully blessed day!

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