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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Advocating for Another Carnival 2012 August 22 • Day 2: These are A Few of My Favorite Things Post

Posted by Debra Ann Elliott at 10:31 AM

Today's prompt for Advocating for Another is List time! Write 5-10 of your favorite things about your loved one. Celebrate their uniqueness and be sure to tell us why
those are your favorite things.

Today I get to share my favorite things about my grandson Nicholas...

10. He is honest. I love that in my grandson. He's at the age(8) where he tells you like it is whether it hurts your feelings or not. Sometimes he's too honest.
9. He is gentle. I love my grandson's gentle nature. He is a nurturing soul who cares about others.
8. He is smart. Although he is a special ed. my grandson is smart. He knows more than I did when I was his age.
7. He is charming. Nicholas has a way of charming those around him. He could be a snake charmer.
6. He is kind. Nicholas wouldn't hurt a fly. He treats everyone around him with kindness and care.
5. He is helpful. When something needs to be done, Nicholas is the first to jump in.
4. He is clever. He is always figuring out how things work or how to do something.
3. He is independent. Nicholas likes to do things on his own.
2. He is stubborn. I'm not sure I like this quality, because he's too much a reflection of myself.
1. He is dependable. I know I can always count on him no matter what.

For more information about Advocating for Another Carnival 2012 go here. If you tweet the event use #A4Amonth


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