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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Guns, Gangs and God: The State of Public Schools

Posted by Debra Ann Elliott at 10:05 AM

Parents we have a problem! The state of the public school system has gone from bad to worse in recent months. The most recent incident of a student bringing a gun to school happened in the New York School System where three teens were busted for bringing loaded guns to school (source: New York Daily News ).

Parents send their children to school to get an education, not become gang bangers or gun toting thugs.  As a parent, you need to question why guns and gangs run rampant in the Public School System. Who's to blame for this major problem with our schools? 

Do parents blame the teachers or principals who cannot control the out of control student? Do you blame organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center who sued Birmingham Schools in December 2010 for using mace on hundreds of students? According to Ebony Glenn Howard, lead attorney on the case for the Center, “We must ask ourselves, what kind of school system allows armed officers to come in and use mace on its children?” (Source: AL.com) No Ms. Howard, we must ask ourselves why so many students are out of control. 

Christian parents have enough to think about with their child being segregated into a secular school system without having to worry about guns and gangs. The problem went beyond control once God was taken out of the Public School System. A lot of parent's don't have the option of home schooling or sending their child to private school because the cost is too expensive. Some private schools charge as much as a two year college.

What are concerned parents supposed to do about this growing problem? Parent's need to make the teachers, principals, and administrators accountable, demand action and attend meetings to voice their concerns.

God needs to be back in the Public School System. Without Him,  guns and gangs will become the education your children receive.


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