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Great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23b NIV

Great is your faithfulness...what a statement, but just how great is it? Your faith in God is what gets you through life. It's what makes you believe and what guides you in your commitments to the Lord.

You are a Christian parent, but do you walk in faithfulness? Do you set an example of faithfulness for your child? Does the Fruit of the Spirit of faithfulness grow in your home?

These are questions you have to reflect upon as a Christian parent. In order for the Fruit of faithfulness to take root in your life and the life of your child, be honest about your faithfulness.

Do you walk in faithfulness? When you travel down lifes road, is faithfullness your companion? For you as a Christian parent faithfulness must travel with you. It needs to go daily where you go. You can't afford not to walk in faithfulness. The Fruit of the Spirit will take a detour and you will lose your way. For your child this is their most important walk. Take walks of faithfulness together daily with your child. Let the Fruit of faithfullness continue onward on your lifes path and your child will continue their walk in faithfulness. Their Fruit of faithfulness will stay on the correct path.

Do you set an example of faithfulness for your child? Parent's lead and children follow by example. Is faithfulness an example you set in your home and for your child? A Christian parent's duty is to lead by example. If you aren't setting example's of faithfulness, then you are wasting the Fruit of the Spirit. Faithfulness is the most important example you can set for your child. Teaching your child to have faith leads them to plant the Fruit of the Spirit throughout their life.

Does the Fruit of the Spirit of faithfulness grow in your home? You walk in faith, you set the example, but do you plant the seeds of faithfulness? Before you can walk in faithfulness and set an example you first must plant the seeds of the Fruit. Faithfulness cannot grow unless you plant the seeds. You have to plant faithfulness in your heart for it to grow. You have to plant faithfulness in your life for it to thrive. When you plant faithfulness with love and in your life it will grow strong. Remember, you are planting the Fruit of faithfulness not only in your life, but in your child's as well. Let faithfulness grow, let it thrive. Let it become the Fruit of Spirit.

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