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Pursue righteousness and a godly life, along with faith, love, perseverance, and gentleness. 
 I Timothy 6:11b NLT

Pursue gentleness? As a Christian parent I guess I've never thought about pursuing gentleness. I thought as a Christian God had already provided the fruit of gentleness and I didn't have to do anything but be a good Christian parent.

A gentle spirit isn't something we are born with, but something the Lord want's us to pursue, to develope; so we can live as He intended. To be a good Christian parent and walk in the Fruit's of the Spirit we first must walk in gentleness.

To teach gentleness to your child you have to first practice being gentle. Gentleness is a Fruit of the Spirit that you as a Christian parent cannot afford to let rot on your spiritual tree. There are several ways for the Fruit of gentleness to bloom and grow in your spiritual walk.

How does a Christian parent pursue gentleness? Children need firmness, discipline and structure in their lives, but they also need the gentleness of their parent. You can achieve everything your child needs with three things that will increase your harvest of gentleness.

When you are firm with your child use a gentle voice. Harseness will wither the Fruit of the Spirit. Your child will learn to respond with gentleness as well.

When you have to discipline your child use a gentle touch. A lot of Christian homes choose corparal punishment as a means of discipline and that's a personal choice. Children respond better to positive repremands than negative. Use a gentle touch the next time you have to discipline and you will see the difference in your child and your reap the rewards of the Fruit of the Spirit.

Your child needs structure and you can't have that without a gentle heart. How do structure and a gentle heart entertwine?
With a gentle heart you can lead and guide your child in the right direction. You can provide the structure of gentle heat that will remain with your child throughout their adult life.

With a gentle voice, gentle touch and a gentle heart your child can plant their spiritual tree and grow the gentleness God wants them to pursue.


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