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This calls for patient endurance on the part of the people of God who keep his commands and remain faithful to Jesus.
Revelation 14:12 NIV

I have trouble with this Fruit of the Spirit. My patience with my grandson has worn beyond thin. I know as a Christian parent I am suppose to have patience in everything I do, but I don't!

1 Corinthians 13:4 says 'Love is patient." I love my grandson, but I have no patience with him at times. Patience is a difficult fruit to cultivate into your life. Christian parent's need to sow the seeds of patience early so their tree will grow and be fruitful.

There are many ways for a Christian parent to cultivate the seeds of patience and begin to grow this Fruit of the Spirit.
Children try your patience and as a Christian parent you need to learn patience. You also need to teach your children patience.

One way I have learned patience and taught my grandson the virtue of patience is through the letters that spell P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E.

Practice patience: Patience isn't earned it's learned. As a Christian parent you have to practice being a patient person and you'll see the results when seeds you have sown bloom into the Fruit of the Spirit. You'll also see results in a impatient child.

Acquire patience: How do you acquire patience? The seeds of patience have already been bought for you .God loves you so much He send His only Son to die for you. His patience with you has not wained and neither should your patience wither on the vine. God provided the seeds of patience for you to plant, but what you decide to do with them also decides whether you have the Fruit of the Spirit or fruit of the poisonous tree. When you acquire the seeds, plant them with care and your Fruit will grow continuously through your child.

Teach patience: As a Christian parent you are your child's teacher at home. Patience must be taught. Your child is the student and you are the teacher. They observe everything you do. If you are impatient they will be also. For you to reap the final reward sow only seeds of patience. Lead your child in the right direction, be a role-model. When you are a teacher of patience, you will have blossoming Fruit of the Spirit and not Fruit of Failure. Your child will be a star pupil of patience.

Instill patience: We instill many traits in our children. One of those traits need to be patience, but if you are not cautious you can instill anger instead. As a Christian parent you have to introduce patience to your child. If all they see is how you are impatient then all you're doing is instilling anger. And anger is what they'll learn. I know someday's it's not easy to be patient, but isn't patience worth more than anger. You want the Fruit on your tree to grow in love not hate. Patience grows in love and understanding, while impatience grows in hate and anger. Impatience will kill your Fruit of the Spirit tree. Your child will reap what you sow. If you are an angry, impatience parent your child will reap anger, but if you are a patient, loving parent your child will reap love. Which do you want?

Encourage patience: Be an encourager of patience! You are your child's greatest motivator. A Christian parent's duty is to encourage patience. Your child is impatient, but as their parent you need to encourage patience everyday. Children get frustrated and lose their patience. Parent's in return get angry and lose their patience as well. Your child is not going to grow his Fruit if you are not an encourager. You have to cultivate and motivate. Be a great gardener. Be an encourager instead of a discourager. Watch the Fruit of patience grow strong within your child when you encourage patience.

Nurture patience: From the time your child is born you nurture them. You make sure their every need is met, because that is your job as a parent. But as a Christian parent your job is to nurture your child in patience. To nurture is to take care of, make sure they are secure, but how do you nurture their patience? How do you as a Christian parent take care of and secure your child's patience? You want your child's patience to grow on their Fruit of the Spirit tree and for that to happen you first must take care of it. You have to tend to their patience with love and kindness. You also have to secure their fruit of patience. Secure your child's patience with understanding. In return their patience will grow strong, because you were a loving and kind tender and an understanding securer of their Fruit of the Spirit tree.

Continue patience: As a Christian parent you are to continue patience throughout your child's life. Continuing patience is a constant reminder you are cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit in your life as well as the life of your child. Your child needs that reminder in order for their "fruit" to continue to grow. Without continued patience the Fruit of the Spirit will cease to exist. Patience will fall from the tree and become a barren fruit. Let patience continue to grow.

Endow patience: The last thing you need is to provide patience.Give your child the characteristics of patience, made patience a desirable asset and give your child the ability to receive the gift they were given. Without the gift of patience your child will not reap the reward of the Fruits of the Spirit. Become a patience giver and your child will receive more than patience in return, they will receive what God intended. They will receive the Fruits of the Spirit.

A great resource is Devotions of Patience by Lisa Kennedy.

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