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May the Lord show favor toward you, and give you peace.Numbers 6:26 NLV

Keeping peace....
Somedays it's difficult to keep peace when you home may be in turmoil. Christian parent's have a duty to keep peace not create turmoil.

Peace is a Fruit of the Spirit you cannot do without in your home. When you keep peace the Lord shows favor on you and gives you peace. He gives you the seeds to plant, cultivate and grow.

If your house is in turmoil, peace cannot thrive.

Christian parent's have to water their "peace tree" with kindness, consideration and love." These are all elements that help peace to thrive and grow throughout your household.

Your children will learn peace from you. When you are rude, they will be rude. When you are unkind, they will be unkind. When you are hateful, they will be hateful.

Show your child the elements that will help them grow peace on their "Fruit of the Spirit" tree.

Remember, let peace thrive throughout your home...

For further reading I recommend Teaching Children Peace by  Carolyn C. Waterbury-Tieman

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