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Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control. Proverbs 25:28 NIV

Your home is like a city with many walls. Those walls are the people inside that make up your family. When you lack self-control the walls crumble and fall. As a Christian parent you build the foundation. God is the Master Builder and you are His apprentice in the construction of your child's future foundation. You create the structure of self-control. You are the builder of your children. Only you can build the self-control that is the foundation of your child.

To build the foundation of self-control you must begin with several different layers. Homes are built with brick, wood and mortar. They are meant to last a lifetime, but many conditions can effect the struture of a perfect home. Just lke your spiritual home, the lack of self-control can effect its structure and the walls will fall.

The first layer of a sound stucture in a Christian home is the Lord. The Lord is the concrete of your home. He is what holds it together and builds up your child's foundation for life.

Layer two is your faith. Your faith is like the wood of your home. Wood can be damaged by many outside elements. Your faith can also be damaged by many outside elements. It's your job as a Christian parent to protect the 'wood' of your home. You have to guard against outside elements. You have to weather-proof your spiritual foundation. When you lack self-control outside elements can damage your walls like termits eating through wood until nothing is left but sawdust.

The final layer is strength. You need strength for self-control. You need to look at strength like the brick of your home. Brick is sturdy. It helps helps hold together the mortar and wood. Like bricks,strength holds together your faith with the Lord.
Without it, your spiritual foundation would not exist.

For the walls in your home to stand sturdy against the lack of self-control build the proper foundation. Don't throw together something that will crumble. Your child needs something that will last a lifetime and self-control is the foundation on which they will build their adulthood. Rememeber, only you can give them the building materials they need. Only you can provide the faith and strength. You can become their Master Builder during their childhood and self-control can become their spiritual foundation. When a Christian parent lays a solid foundation of self-control, the child will be surrounded by walls that cannot be broken.

For further reading I recommend Fruit of Self-Control  by Sylvia Gunter.

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